SEBAC Framework Next Steps Q&A

Question Answer
Is it true that SEBAC leaders signed a tentative agreement with the governor’s administration? No – what coalition leaders authorized on Tuesday, May 23 was a framework document that is specifically not a tentative agreement (TA). You can see a copy of it here: Framework Document.
To become a tentative agreement, local bargaining unit contracts will need to be completed through local bargaining committees; a formal tentative agreement will then need to be created, and a vote taken by SEBAC leaders to approve it as a TA.
When do the members gets to vote? As is always the case, tentative agreements go to the membership for ratification. Since the framework concerns both local issues and SEBAC Coalition issues, bargaining unit members will vote on two questions: whether to approve their local agreement, and whether to support the SEBAC Agreement.
When will all of that occur? We hope to conclude bargaining unit agreements as quickly as we can, but it will take some time as there are 33 units now bargaining.   Once that is completed, and a tentative SEBAC agreement can then be reached, it will take some time for each union to follow its membership ratification procedure.
Is that the last step? No. The final step is approval by the General Assembly, but that doesn’t happen until after all members of coalition unions in good standing complete their voting process.
When should I retire if I want to do so before changes in the framework would apply to me? Proposed pension changes would apply upon legislative approval of a tentative agreement, would could be as soon as July 1, 2017. Proposed healthcare plan changes would apply to new retirees who retire on or after October 2, 2017, or the 2nd of the month at least 60 days after legislative approval, whichever is later.
Where can I find out more information? The best place is through your elected union leadership or through your union’s website.
You can also find helpful links here: CTStateEmployees


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